Image: Before & After of Ron Joyal

"I joined Live’s nutrition program with a considerable degree of skepticism, but after giving it a shot I am thrilled to report that it was a game changer! Through personalized coaching and expert guidance, I learned to fuel my body effectively, achieving my fitness goals faster than expected. The program's emphasis on balance and sustainability made it easy to adopt healthy habits for the long term. Suffice to say, I am grateful for the knowledge and support I received from Dale, and I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

Ron Joyal 

Image: Haley Christman Before Joining Live Training Center Image: Haley Christman Since Joining Live Training Center

“My journey at LIVE Training Center has been nothing short of transformative. The personalized approach to physical training has pushed me beyond my limits, helping me discover strength and resilience I never knew I had. And the nutrition guidance has also been absolutely invaluable! Thanks to LIVE, I'm not just getting fit, I'm adopting a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that's making me feel unstoppable. Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it!”

Haley Christman

Image: Before & After of Joel Tillis

Personal Training was never on my radar until I was recovering from arthroscopic knee procedure. I scheduled with Coach Dale a one hour session. My knee was hurting and I couldn’t understand why. “Let’s stretch and role…” he said. Maybe he didn’t hear! It’s my knee not a muscle. After one hour of rolling, stretching and his direct work - my knee didn’t hurt!!! I realized in that session the value of a professional coach helping me get the most out of my body, recovery and work outs. If you want professional results go to a professional!

Personal Training is an investment. It builds confidence in the gym, correctness in movements and a relationship that helps me achieve what I thought I never could.

LIVE PT provides the Professional help needed; but LIVE also provides the Personal commitment by the coaches to assist you in your journey to achieve your best.

Joel Tillis

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