Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission at LIVE is to EDUCATE our community on the effects of improved healthy living, EMPOWER them to realize their potential, and help ELEVATE their thoughts and actions in pursuit of their goals. 

We meet you where you are, and provide practical, effective, sustainable solutions to help you become the healthiest version of yourself. 

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We believe that in order to help clients legitimately improve their health and wellness long term, we must be committed to educating them in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and recovery. Our ultimate goal is to help our community learn to lead their own health in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and recovery. We do so by utilizing principles of biomechanics, individualized nutritional truths and concepts, and effective recovery techniques in all of our coaching interactions.


The right education with the right energy produces the right environment to help clients achieve more, build confidence through experience and the courage to pursue new goals both inside and outside the gym. Empowerment through success in the gym bleeds into other aspects of life that supersedes a number on a scale. This is bigger than weight loss - this is improving quality of life and perspective of self.


We believe that stewarding our health and wellness is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as leaders, parents, spouses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc… Once we begin to become clear about where are and where we are headed, open to applying new principles, and consistent in the application of those principles, we begin to better understand what we are capable of in everyday life.

Our Team

We take great pride in our coaching abilities and technique, using both the knowledge and personal experience that allow us to relate to our members. We firmly believe that we are more than just a facility for weight loss and exercise. We are about adopting a new way of life centered around others that continues to Educate, Empower, and Elevate.

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Our Core Values


In every aspect of our individual and professional LIVEs, strive for excellence and everything it embodies. It is the foundation by which all other values reside. Setting an outstanding example for our community in the way we act, the way we speak, and the way we care for our own personal health and wellness.


Conducting ourselves with integrity towards one another, and any individual that we have the opportunity to offer services to. Setting honest expectations and providing accurate information in every facet.


We recognize that our position at its core is service. Seeing every client relationship and encounter as an “opportunity” to be a part of real life change. Identifying both tangible and intangible needs, developing avenues to meet these needs, and being able to communicate solutions clearly and effectively.


Meet or exceed all standards by which we operate our business and offer services. Striving for above-board cleanliness with our facility, and always delivering more than expected. Always aware of our clients needs and aware of the processes by which we achieve them. Our quality is subject to our individual and collective growth and evolution. When we stop growing and become complacent about our skillset, our quality of service diminishes.

Team Work :

We place value on the individual relationships of our team and believe in one another, support one another, encourage one another, have each others backs, and see one another as equal. While we are here to do our best and continue to grow, we are not here to compete with one another. When we support one another and speak highly of one another, our team is unified, and our strength is limitless.

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LIVE Training Center is owned and operated by Dale Lively - Accomplished Runner, Endurance Athlete and Coach. Located in Palmetto Florida, they have been committed for 10+ years to offering cutting edge training techniques to their clients in pursuit of their fitness goals. Its community. Its connection, and Its leading their members towards improved health and wellness. 

It is also a place for Grand-moms and Moms, kids, Dads and Grand-dads to come, find clarity and community, train and discover the habits to create the healthiest version of themselves.

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Our Location

1508 18th Ave Dr. E. Palmetto FL 34221