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Our best class for those looking to prepare for Hybrid fitness competitions.

Our Endure class is 1.5 hours, instructor led group training specifically designed to help you improve your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning systems. This is not a beginners class for folks looking to start a gym membership. This is for folks who have an existing baseline for fitness and are looking to be challenged and see measurable improvements.

Here participants will work to improve tolerance, increase capacity & VO2Max, improve recovery, and get better acclimated to higher heart rate exercise domains. They will be challenged. They will be in community.

This class also is our number 1 recommendation for folks looking to best prepare for Hybrid fitness competitions such as DEKA or Hyrox.

This is the deep water. This is the next level. This is what you’ve been missing in your conditioning work. Join us. Your first Endure class is free.

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First Class Free!

We would love to have you start your journey &/or continue it with us. Inquire now to join us for a Free Class.