Image: Kerrington Maner- Personal Trainer at Live Training Center

Kerrington Maner

Personal Trainer, NASM - CPT, Nutrition Coach
Kerrington Maner

Trainer, NASM - CPT, Nutrition Coach

Kerrington Maner is a trainer at LIVE Training Center. She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Her competitiveness has driven her to participate in a wide-range of competitions, including races ranging from 100 meter dashes to a half marathon, a triathlon sprint and several bodybuilding competitions. 

Kerrington firmly believes that both physical and mental health are intrinsic components of one’s health and wellness journey — aesthetics are a welcome bonus!

Citing her own experience having struggled with an eating disorder for much of her life, Kerrington is passionate about reframing people’s negative thought patterns concerning themselves, food, and their own self-belief. She combines her personal physical and mental growth with her knowledge and understanding of training and nutrition to help clients achieve long-term, sustainable results that produce not only physical transformation but also a belief in their ability to navigate life in accordance to their goals.