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Boot Camp

This is the number one group fitness class we offer. It is one that will allow you to come in at any level, knowing the support you get from our trainers will allow you to work through limitations to reach the personal goals you have set for yourself.

Whether you are new to the gym or an elite athlete, you will find our boot camps challenging yet rewarding on every level. Our one hour workouts encompass the main disciplines of functional fitness: strength, cardio, balance, stability and flexibility, and power. We strive to provide a high energy environment that is perfect for burning fat and building lean mass while enjoying the camaraderie and energy from those around you.

We want you to call LIVE home, and Boot Camp is where the relationships begin. It is motivating, challenging and rewarding, and we invite you to come experience what everyone else is talking about.



Preparing for your next Obstacle Race?

Maybe you're looking to shake up your normal workout routine.

If you answered YES to these, you are definitely a candidate for our OCRFit group class.

Rope climbs, hurdle jumps, monkey bars and our minefield rig are just a few of the 30 plus obstacles you will encounter. Many of which are taken directly from well known races such as Savage, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc. All will challenge your body control, grip strength, and aerobic and anaerobic thresholds to get you in the best shape of your life and ready for raceday!! Not only will you be strengthening your body, heart, and lungs, but you will also be learning how to use your body to become as efficient as possible on the course. This class is suited for both beginners and advanced athletes.


Personal Training

This is for the client who prefers a one-on-one approach.

Our NASM certified trainers can personally tailor a program that will allow each of our clients to reach their specific goals. The one hour sessions can be scheduled at a time convenient for you and include frequent body assessments to track progress made. Our qualified trainers will program specific training protocols and provide nutrition suggestions that will challenge and motivate you on our way to success.

LIVE Nutrition Counseling

A 3 month program centered on building an individualized nutrition plan based on age, gender, body type, activity level, and goals. In addition, we teach you to develop habits and strategies for long term success and freedom with your food.

✔ Phase 1 (Month 1 - meet each week) Identify and understand the 3 main nutrients that our bodies need and the specific amounts we should be taking in. Become mindful about everything we take in by learning to keep an accurate journal.

✔ Phase 2 (Month 2 - meet every other week) Better understanding of logging; Identifying the different foods that are preferred for each macro; Consistent planning and adherence; Meal planning ; Beginning to navigate vacations, Holidays, Business luncheons, etc...;Intro to supplements.

✔ Phase 3 (Month 3 - meet every other week) Consistent logging and adherence; High level of confidence to navigate social situations; Integrating workouts (if haven't already) ; high level of supplement incorporation; Transitioning to Self Sustainability.

We're a place where you can belong.

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conducive to Health and Wellness Success.