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We inspire. We're passionate. We share. We push each other to the finish line. We never stay on the same level. When we reach the peak, we look for a new one, always at your pace.




It's about Camaraderie.

It's more than physical. Its emotional and mental. It's about a transformation that manifests itself outside our walls. It's about how you feel about yourself. It penetrates.




Boot Camp (Strength & Conditioning)

We strive to provide and combine the best elements of group fitness and personal training. Simply put...

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Ninja Obstacle Training

You’ve seen American Ninja Warrior, now come try it out! LIVE Training Center is the currently the only...

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Preparing for your next Obstacle Race? Or maybe you’re just looking to add a little variety to your...

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Personal Training

For the client who wants a more tailored approach to their specific goals and needs, we have...

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LIVE Kid Ninja Program

Our Kids Ninja Training Sessions are tailored specifically for ages 6-12 years old.

Each week we offer 2 structured classes where our students can learn proper techniques and mechanics from a ninja obstacle expert.

These classes are 1 hour long and provide an environment where our students build confidence, have fun, and exercise all at the same time.

Kid Ninja Summer Camp


Kid Ninja

There is a limit of 20 students per class so pre-registration is recommended in order to secure a spot.

Ninja Birthday Parties

Let us host you child's next birthday party and unleash their inner ninja!

It's about our coaches. They're
about you.

Starting with Dale Lively, celebrity OCR expert, each of our coaches has their own personal story of redemption. And they're all about helping you tell yours.




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  • OCR Training Cont…Week 4

    The final week is upon us!!   Week 4 – Monday –  Track workout – 6 – 10 x400m repeats – (60 seconds rest in between) Stretch and Roll to finish   Tuesday – LIVE Open Gym  1/4 mile 8ft wall over Rope climb Farmers Walk. -25 – 45lb dbs   Wednesday –  Wreck Bag […]

  • OCR Training Cont….Week 3

    Week 3 – Here is your training plan for Week 3 ! As always, this training plan can be adjusted to increase or decrease difficulty in order to meet your specific needs: ________________________________ Monday – Strength /Cardio Warmup – 1 mile run/1 mile Row *Pull-ups (Ring Rows) – 15 *Pushups 20x *Jumping Jacks..50x *DB Squat […]

  • OCR Training Cont. – Week 2

    Here is your training plan for Week 2 ! As always, this training plan can be adjusted to increase or decrease difficulty in order to meet your specific needs: Week 2 Monday – Strength/Cardio Complete 2 – 5 sets depending on skill level 60 sec. break in between each set ____________________________________ Warmup – 400 meter […]

  • Collecting our thoughts…

    As often as we start something, it’s over – and as soon as we end something, another start line is around the corner. Life seems to feel this way sometimes, without any real time to process our results – no time to celebrate our successes or learn from our defeats. In today’s society especially, as […]

  • Training for OCR?

    Looking to train for your next Obstacle Course Race?? Check out this weekly training plan to get things kicked off!!! Week 1 Monday – Strength/Cardio plus 1-3 mile run 2 – 5x depending on ability Body weight squats – 30 Pushups – 30 Alternating lunges – 30 Burpees – 30 Mountain climbers – 30 Tuesday […]


    On June 17, LIVE Training Center will be hosting our inaugural  Kid Ninja Warrior Obstacle Competition. There will be separate age groups competing in a single stage competition throughout the day as each competitor will be testing their strength, speed, agility, body control, and balance. We are really looking forward to seeing all of the Kid […]

  • Ninja Warrior Event

    Dale Lively ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL UNAA NINJA WARRIOR, MULTI STAGE COMPETITION!!! Description: On January 28, LIVE Training Center will be hosting a Ninja Warrior Competition. The format will be a 3 stage event with using the first 2 stages as the UNAA qualifier. The event will be governed by […]

  • Kid Ninja Kick Off!

    Recently we kicked off our Kids Ninja Warrior Program. What a HUGE success this has been! We look at it as an opportunity to teach kids (ages 6 – 12) foundational principles on real – life Ninja Warrior obstacles. It is a great way for kids to exercise, build confidence, and have a great time. […]

  • Check out our Ninjas!

    As some of you may already know, American Ninja Warrior held its initial qualifying round for 2016 in Atlanta recently. This proved to be a HUGE opportunity for a select few to run the elusive obstacle course and show the world why they had been working so hard. There were many LIVE regulars – each […]

  • Have you been Empowered?

    It goes without saying that things have been moving rather fast around here lately. While that is always a good situation for growth, it’s always nice to take a minute to relish what exactly has been accomplished: the pounds that have been lost, the exercises that have been tried or completed, the races that have […]

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