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Collecting our thoughts…

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As often as we start something, it’s over – and as soon as we end something, another start line is around the corner. Life seems to feel this way sometimes, without any real time to process our results – no time to celebrate our successes or learn from our defeats. In today’s society especially, as it seems like our attention is being pulled from one place to the next. The benefits of social media sometimes pale in comparison to the effect it has on our genuine relationships and our ability to truly connect and feel. And what about its keen ability to distract us from our current situation or stressor??

Either way, it’s our responsibility to recognize behaviors when we see them and become aware of how we are going to change them – Right??

With life so busy and our attention so stretched, how then is it possible to find time to make changes to our health, either through exercise or nutrition? I believe the answer lies in our allocation of time and the priority we place on what’s important to us. In reality, we are all given the same amount of time each day – Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Steven Hawking, and Oprah Winfrey all have the same 24 hours. Astute individuals who have more than you or I could possibly imagine on their plate and still find it within their ability to succeed. So what is it that makes them successful?

I believe that what sets them apart is their processes, systems, and habits that they have formed and stuck to. Without it, they would be left to fight off whatever the day throws at them and end the day feeling completely overwhelmed.

Practical takeaway – Break down what you are trying to accomplish into easy steps – Instead of saying, “I need to eat better!!” – Be more specific – 1.)These are the meals I am going to eat next week 2.)This is when I am going to shop 3.)This is when I am going to cook 4.) This is when I am going to have a conversation with my spouse or significant other about better food choices and how important it is to me.

Apply the same principles to your workouts and watch what happens!! A goal without a plan is just a wish. So if you want to be successful, Stay Focused, Get Specific, and Stick to the Plan!!


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