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OCR Training Cont…Week 4

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The final week is upon us!!


Week 4 –

Monday – 

Track workout –

6 – 10 x400m repeats –

(60 seconds rest in between)

Stretch and Roll to finish


Tuesday –

LIVE Open Gym 

1/4 mile

8ft wall over

Rope climb

Farmers Walk. -25 – 45lb dbs


Wednesday – 

Wreck Bag Workout –


Cleans – 10x

Oh press..10x

Alternating Front lunges

Wreck Bag run – 1/8 mile

Stretch and Foam Roll


Thursday – 

LIVE Open Gym –

BodyWeight Workout –

3 sets

Pushups – 15

Jump Squats – 20x
Situps – 30
Jumping Jacks – 35
Burpees – 40x


Friday – 

Stretch/Roll – Focus on the lower body, core, and shoulders

Hydrate – You should really be hydrating all week – but make sure to include at least 2 -3 Liters of water on Friday

Gameplan – Visualize the race, the starting line, and the finish line. See yourself completing each obstacle. Determine your preferred pace and stick to the plan!!

Get Your Gear together – Pack the night before – set your alarm – and only race with gear you have tried out before – Nothing New On RaceDay!!

Eat – Make sure you are loading up on low glycemic carbs in days prior to the race – Finish eating at 6 or 7pm the night before and enjoy something light the morning of. Low Fiber!! Nothing new – make sure all food that is ingested has been tried prior to race day!

Have Fun – The day is here – You have prepared – Now go have a great time!!!


Saturday – 

Mud Titan 9 : Powered by LIVE Training Center


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