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OCR Training Cont. – Week 2

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Here is your training plan for Week 2 ! As always, this training plan can be adjusted to increase or decrease difficulty in order to meet your specific needs:

Week 2

Monday – Strength/Cardio

Complete 2 – 5 sets depending on skill level

60 sec. break in between each set


Warmup – 400 meter row/jog

1.)Dumbell overhead press..15x

2.)Alternating Dumbell Side Lunge..20x

3.)Jump rope..150x

4.)Dumbell Renegade Rows..20x

5.)Alternating Dumbell Step Up(Box/Bench)..16x

Tuesday –

LIVE Open Gym –

45 minutes on the Rig + 1.5 miles @ moderate pace

Wednesday – Speed/Track Work

4x400m (Beginner)


400 meter sprint/ 60 sec break/repeat

Thursday – LIVE Training Center Open Gym

Work on up and overs and climbs –

Rope/Wall/Hurdles/Cargo Net

Friday –

Core / Stretching and Recovery

Tabata Set – 30 sec work/10 sec break

5 sets

– Situps

– Plank to pike

– Glute Bridge

– Leg Flutters

– Standing Tuck Jumps

Spending 20 minutes Stretching and Rolling as needed-

Focus on Shoulder and forearms; It band and hip flexors and Glutes

Saturday – OCR Fit @ LIVE Training Center

Be sure to contact our office for available training sessions and additional training opportunities with our coaches.


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