3404 17th St E, Palmetto FL 34221
Mon-Sat 5am to 8pm



What LIVE is about

LIVE is about camaraderie and belonging in a results based fitness environment that is conducive to improving YOUR health and wellness.

Our individualized approach to fitness allows us to meet clients where they are physically, as we determine limitations and motivating factors, in an effort to create endless success stories for our members.

We believe in the power of community and the effect it has on major lifestyle change.

We take great pride in our coaching abilities and technique, using both the knowledge and personal experience that allow us to relate to our members. We firmly believe that we are more than just a facility for weight loss and exercise. We are about adopting a new way of life centered around others that continues to Motivate, Inspire, and Transform.

Our Facility

This video, shot at the LIVE Training Center, was shown by ESPN on Sports Center, and on USA Today's website. It was shot by Brentwood Photography and produced by Reko Rivera, who is wearing the suit. the video went viral on facebook and many other social media sites, with upwards of 20 million views.


We're a place where you can belong.

Results based fitness in an environment that is
conducive to Health and Wellness Success.