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Have you been Empowered?

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It goes without saying that things have been moving rather fast around here lately. While that is always a good situation for growth, it’s always nice to take a minute to relish what exactly has been accomplished: the pounds that have been lost, the exercises that have been tried or completed, the races that have been finished, the walls that have been climbed, etc. The truth is each and every one of us has a story about what we have done here (present company included) that has led us to feelings of achievement and perhaps inspired us to pursue and accomplish our next venture. I guess that’s the intangible element that sometimes gets overlooked. Each and every triumph that we have experienced in here can give us that incentive or edge to go after that goal that we may perceive as insurmountable. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the desire for aesthetics and the importance of “Look Good, Feel Good, Be Good”. We simply submit to you that there is something bigger going on here to empower each person both physically and mentally – Inspire, Motivate, Transform.

Have you been empowered ??
Share it and pass it on.

If you feel comfortable, we would love to hear from you so that we can share it with others who may experiencing the same things you have. Send your success story to info@livetrainingfl.com. Then you will have the opportunity to Inspire, Motivate, and Transform another.

Dale and The Coaches
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  • Our Polar Hear Rate Monitors are being utilized as we speak. If you haven’t already, be sure to check with a coach about how you can get involved.
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  • May 7 at 9am, we will be holding our Family Fitness Day. Any children over 8 and parents are welcome to join us!!!
  • BIG NEWS!! Due to popular demand, we will be adding a 430pm class time on Tuesday and Thursday starting May 1. It will currently take the place of our Quickstrike class.

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