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Dale Lively

Owner, NASM - CPT, PN1 Nutrition Expert, Spartan SGX, DBC Lvl 1

Dale Lively is the head trainer and owner of LIVE Training Center. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and received his certificate of completion from Precision Nutrition. His passions lie in helping others create improved versions of themselves by tapping into each individuals motivating and limiting factors. Dale is also an expert in obstacle training, group fitness and is also considered to be an elite obstacle course racer himself.

He coaches with the belief that health and wellness are as much about a clear and positive state of mind as they are about personal appearance. His style of training works towards improving aesthetically while becoming stronger mentally as well. Having had his own personal experience with transformation, Dale uses his academic knowledge and understanding of the process to relate with his clients and this allows him to challenge and motivate them to their own success story.

Jesse Shaw

NASM - CPT, Fitness Coach, Boot Camp & OCR Instructor

Jesse Shaw is a coach at Live Training Center and has a true desire to help individuals make major improvements in their overall health. He can be found leading one of our boot camps, or any one of our obstacle training programs that we offer. Jesse uses his 15+ years of experience in sports and fitness, and his academic knowledge of fitness programming, to best assist our clients in reaching their goals.

Amy Yost Davis

Fitness Coach/ Boot Camp instructor

Amy has always loved being active but her fitness journey really started when she left her full-time job as an X-ray tech to become a stay-at-home mom. She joined the local YMCA to be able to interact with other moms and to start working out again. After realizing how much fun it was to take the classes, she decided to get certified as a group fitness instructor. Amy has been teaching group fitness for the past three and a half years and she enjoys watching people push themselves out of their comfort zone to become the best that they can be. When Amy is not teaching boot camp, you may see her running the streets of Parrish training for her next Ragnar race!

Lucas Scarberry

Ninja Obstacle Expert - Head Kid Ninja Coach

Lucas Scarberry is an energetic coach at Live Training Center. He can be found inspiring members to push themselves to reach their fullest potential at one of our boot camps. He is also LIVE's lead ninja trainer. His experience as a ninja warrior, through all the ups and downs, allows him to be a relatable and engaging coach, and a phenomenal mentor to both kids and adults alike. You’ll see Lucas giving high fives and obstacle pointers with an energy level that is enjoyably contagious.

Jenna Quigley

NASM - CPT - PN1 Nutrition Expert - Fitness Coach

Jenna Quigley is a wife and a mother of 3. She has always been passionate about health and fitness. Growing up she played softball and was a competitive dancer throughout high school. She loves to cook, spend time with her family and serve in the children's ministry at her church. Jenna has been a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine for 3 years and completed her Precision Nutrition certification last year. Jenna has a passion to help people create the best version of themselves through exercise and nutrition. She is committed to success and creating lasting habits. After going through her own lifestyle change she now wants to help others feel the rewards of a what a healthy lifestyle brings!

Alexander Villalobo

NASM - CPT - Fitness Coach - Spartan Obstacle Specialist - OCR Instructor

It was only 8 years ago that Alex was 318lbs, had health issues, and was unhappy with his body. One day he decided to do something about it and hasn’t looked back since!! Having lost 108lbs, he knew that sharing this experience with others would be his calling. After graduating college with a degree in Psychology in his home country of Puerto Rico, he went on to become certified in HIIT, Group Training, CPT ( through NASM), and became a Spartan Obstacle Specialist. He uses his certifications and personal experience in the health industry to help others see significant changes - not only in how they look, but also in what they believe they are capable of. Alex was an intern since July 1st and has now assumed an official role here at LIVE where you will find him bringing passion, motivation, and expertise to one of our OCR Fit classes. He is also available for personal training, weight loss and OCR performance.

Nick Nolting

ISSA - CPT - Fitness Coach

As the newest member of the LIVE Coaching team, Nick Nolting will be striving to make an impact on as many clients as possible. His love for fitness began in 2011 after going through his own personal transformation. It was through this process that he began to understand the benefits of living a healthy life and became empowered to find others he could help through the same. Nick is certified through ISSA (CPT) and has been interning at LIVE Training Center for the last month. He is excited about working towards educating, empowering, and helping to elevate YOU to YOUR best.


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