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Goal Getter

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It’s truly amazing to see things come together. It all starts with a vision of what we wanted to accomplish with this facility. From that idea we began to create a very specific plan that would be the blueprint for seeing the vision through AND then came the work to make it happen. Not to mention the support of those around us when things got tough and challenges were met. But the reality is that without each of those steps in that order, the real transformation wouldn’t have happened.
The same concept rings true when we talk about making improvements to our health. For starters, unless you know what you are trying to accomplish, you will find yourself in the same position over and over again. There is a quote that says, “When you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Make it a point to be very specific about what you want to accomplish and let us help you work on a plan to get there. Here’s a checklist for success in burning body fat, increasing lean mass, or whatever personal goal you have in mind:

  1. Make an appointment for a consultation to determine where you are currently by emailing us at info@livetrainingfl.com. Let a coach help you make some SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals and begin to work with one of our coaches to map out your blueprint for success. Included will be your exercise frequency and duration, and nutrition suggestions for your specific goals, WITH a deadline.  For serious fat and weight loss, taking your current measurements would be one of the first things we would do.
  2. Write your goals down where you can see them all the time – KEEP THEM IN YOUR FACE
  3. Tell your significant other/ family about your goal so that they can help keep you accountable
  4. Be honest, open, and willing to make changes and improvements (even in areas that may feel difficult). You WILL encounter challenges through this process. You will have the greatest success by voicing these struggles and allowing someone to help you through them.
  5. Get your workouts in ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it !!!!
  6. See your goals through to completion and celebrate!!!

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