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Dale Lively

Owner, NASM - CPT, PN1 Nutrition Expert, Personal Trainer, OCR Expert

Dale Lively is the head trainer and co-owner of LIVE Training Center. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and received his certificate of completion from Precision Nutrition. His passions lie in helping others create improved versions of themselves by tapping into each individuals motivating and limiting factors. Dale is also an expert in obstacle training, group fitness and is also considered to be an elite obstacle course racer himself.

He coaches with the belief that health and wellness are as much about a clear and positive state of mind as they are about personal appearance. His style of training works towards improving aesthetically while becoming stronger mentally as well. Having had his own personal experience with transformation, Dale uses his academic knowledge and understanding of the process to relate with his clients and this allows him to challenge and motivate them to their own success story.

Jesse Shaw

NASM - CPT, Fitness Coach, Boot Camp & OCR Instructor

Jesse Shaw is a coach at Live Training Center and has a true desire to help individuals make major improvements in their overall health. He can be found leading one of our boot camps, or any one of our obstacle training programs that we offer. Jesse uses his 15+ years of experience in sports and fitness, and his academic knowledge of fitness programming, to best assist our clients in reaching their goals.

Dan Lively

Fitness Coach/ Boot Camp instructor

Daniel can be found hosting the American Ninja Warrior Open Gym sessions at LIVE, as well as assisting in boot camp classes. Having drastically changed his physique and appearance in his own life, Daniel realizes the importance of staying healthy to promote a better quality of life all around. He thoroughly enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals and is committed to their success. Daniel was a competitive golfer for 10 years and involved in athletics championships his entire high school career. He has been involved in the design & building of numerous Ninja Courses, and has also trained beside many of the faces you see on the show. Knowing what it takes to be successful, Daniel has the ability to pull that out of each of his clients. He has a beautiful wife and daughter that share the same love for fitness and enjoys involving them in every aspect of his life.


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